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Coast 2 Coast Equities: A Veteran-Led Real Estate Powerhouse

by | Jan 12, 2024 | 0 comments

Originally appears in New York Weekly

Real estate investment is complex and dynamic, with opportunities for those who navigate it wisely. Finding the right avenue for their capital is a constant pursuit for investors, real estate investors, and private equity investors. In this exploration of Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc., a Florida-based C-Corporation, we delve into a company that has left an indelible mark on the landscape of real estate, entitlement, land development, and investing.

Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. is a testament to the vision and dedication of its three partners, veterans in their own right in real estate and investment. Each partner brings a unique skill set encompassing construction management, home building, commercial and residential real estate, land planning, finance, and even higher education teaching. Their collective experience serves as a guiding force for the company, which may be relatively new in its current form but has roots that stretch back several decades.

The legacy of Coast 2 Coast Equities’ projects is unmistakable. They have played a pivotal role in creating hundreds of homes, acres of approved lots, and the development of commercial sites. These endeavors have transformed communities and left investors satisfied and countless families in possession of their dream homes strewn across the West Coast and beyond.

What sets Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. apart is its unwavering commitment to a human-centered approach in real estate investing, land entitlement, and development. While the debate over affordable housing in California has raged on, this company has quietly provided approved lots for entry-level housing near employment hubs. The result? Hundreds of families have realized the dream of homeownership in burgeoning cities and towns.

Moreover, Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. extends this ethos to its project partners. Their projects, diverse in nature and business structures, are predominantly syndicated. This approach allows the average working individual to invest in advanced real estate. The company has fostered a close-knit family of investors who frequently reinvest in new projects, often utilizing self-directed retirement or health savings accounts for growth. The satisfaction of issuing checks to investors when projects conclude is a testament to their dedication to securing futures and providing for families.

However, Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. is not solely concerned with its investors. It takes its community responsibilities with utmost seriousness. Careful selection of communities to work ensures alignment with goals, values, and outcomes. Collaborating with local governments, civic leaders, neighbors, and businesses ensures projects harmonize with community desires. This symbiotic relationship benefits the immediate and long-term future of the communities in which they operate.

Education forms a cornerstone of Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc.’s mission. They believe in empowering investors, sellers, buyers, communities, and stakeholders with knowledge to foster maximum collaboration throughout project lifecycles. Their commitment to transparency, while respecting confidentiality agreements, means they actively disseminate information about project types, structures, planning approaches, and partnership prospects.

Steve Matley, the President of Coast 2 Coast Equities, boasts a rich background with over 25 years of leadership and management experience. His expertise spans real estate, land development, and construction management across diverse project types, from educational complexes to high-rise, master-planned communities to custom homes. He has served as an expert witness in real estate, development, and construction litigation.

As a business owner, Steve’s leadership was instrumental in managing multiple firms, including DCM Group Inc., which oversaw land acquisition, entitlement, and planning for projects exceeding half a billion dollars in value. He spearheads Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc., overseeing a portfolio of projects spanning four states and encompassing 30 to 500 acres.

Leading Coast 2 Coast Equities alongside Steve Matley is Steve Holgate, Vice President, and Head of Acquisition. Steve Holgate is a decorated Purple Heart Veteran who served with the Marine Corps in Vietnam. He has over 40 years of land acquisition and entitlement experience. Together with Loren Huweiler, the third partner and Chief Financial Officer of Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. has become not merely a company, but a testament to the power of vision, experience, and dedication in real estate investment. Its impact is far-reaching, transforming communities, empowering investors, and educating stakeholders. With leaders like Steve Matley at the helm, it is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in real estate, entitlement, land development, and investing. For those seeking to navigate the intricate waters of real estate investment, Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with the right approach and unwavering commitment to success.



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